Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nada Surf Live Review Turner Hall Milwaukee

Nada Surf certainly have had their fair share of ups and downs from major label success to being dropped and releasing their second album, The Promoximity Effect, on their own label. It wasn't until around 2002 when the guys joined Barsuk Records and released the critically acclaimed Let Go (a personal favorite). Now currently on tour in support of their seventh album, The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy, the guys stopped in Milwaukee.

It seems like it's been some time since Nada Surf last played in Milwaukee, making it a memorable  Friday to say the least. The guys started off the evening around 5:30 with "No Snow on the Mountain," "Teenage Dreams" and "Beautiful Beat" to a small crowd on air for Milwaukee's 88.9. Following Eternal Summer, they returned to the stage a little after 9:30, jumping into "Clear Eye Clouded Mind" and "Waiting for Something," the two opening tracks from The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy.

Frontman Matthew Caws has been known to consistently interact with the audience stating, "we have a lot of songs so were just gonna keep going/we just kept adding to the setlist" and he wasn't joking as the band eventually played 24 songs. The guys powered through a variety of songs from just about every album such as  "Do it Again" from The Weight is a Gift, "Beautiful Beat" and "Whose Authority" from Lucky. They even played three in a row from The Proximinity Effect, "Hyperspace," "Amateur" and "80 Windows," before "When I was Young" from the new album. At one point someone shouted, "Hi-Speed Soul!" Without hesitation Caws replied with an "OK" and began strumming the intro to the fast paced crowd pleaser. By this time I think just about everyone in attendance was dancing or singing.

I was pleasantly surprised when they slowed things down with the requested ballad "Blonde on Blonde," from Let Go. After a few more tracks they ended the set with "The Way You Wear Your Head." The encore consisted of "See These Bones," "Popular," and "Always Love." Of course on the final song, "Blankest Year," everyone joined in to sing the chorus "Oh fuck it! Im gonna have a party!"

From the radio cast, sound and the diverse setlist the overall night was perfect. As Caws stated, "the hospitality here is unreal" and in return Nada Surf returned to Milwaukee to deliver a powerful and memorable show.

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1. Clear Eye Clouded Mind
2. Waiting for Something
3. Do it Again
4. Weightless
5. Who's Authority
6. Jules and Jim
7. Killians Red
8. Looking Through
9. Hyperspace
10. Amateur
11. 80 Windows
12. When I was Young
13. Hi-Speed Soul
14. Paper Boats
15. Beautiful Beat
16. No Snow on the Mountain
17. Inside of Love
18. Blonde on Blonde
29. Teenage Dreams
20. The Way You Wear Your Head

21. See These Bones
22. Popular
23. Always Love
24. Blankest Year

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  1. After the show was over and half the crowd left, Matthew came back out and did an accoustic "Blizzard of 77" while those of us who stayed sang along. The guys then proceeded to sign autographs, take pictures and chat with everyone. Never have I met a more down to earth band...these guys know how to put on a great show and they appreciate their fan support. I would love to see them come back to Milwaukee next year!