Thursday, December 6, 2012

Night Moves "Colored Emotions"

John Pelant (guitars/vocals), Micky Alfano (bass) and Mark Ritsema grew up in the Twin Cities often playing in and out of one another's bands a like. But, it wasn't until 2009 that they reconnected to form Night Moves. With the recent release of their debut LP Colored Emotions, the group stopped at Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee Thursday, November 29th.

Night Moves had me entriqued from the get go with the song and accompanying video for "Country Queen" from their latest effort Colored Emotions." The track features an interesting and pleasant mix of psychedelic rock with a hint of country twang, which works well.

The band took the stage around midnight, joined by Jared Isabella on drums for the tour. With the mentioned psych-rock/country sound, I was under the impression that the show would resemble the two tracks that I had previously listened to ("County Queen" and "Headlights"). Unfamiliar with most of the songs, I was immediately surprised and a bit taken back by the bands overall sound and stage presence. The sound quality was great and the soulfulness brought the songs to life.

In conclusion and in all honesty, I was un-impressed with the two opening bands lack of togetherness. Night Moves quickly made me forget about that. I'm going to repeat this, the show was incredibly soulful! The guys are onto something great and I look forward to seeing them again in the future. The album is exceptional, the live show is even better and I feel privileged that I had the chance to see them before they play at the next bigger venue. I would encourage you to listen to Colored Emotions and to experience them live when the chance arises.

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