Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Merchandise - Anxiety's Door

Merchandise are a pleasant surprise in the world of music for the year 2013.  Their sound is one that is so familiar to the 80's era when things were much more simple and easy to understand.  The band hail from Tampa, Florida and are about to embark on a month long tour in March.  Check out the track 'Anxiety's Door' below and feel its Smiths/Cult vibes, and for a track that is nearly 7 minutes in length it feels just about perfect.

The band are in the process of releasing their EP Totale Nite, which will be available come spring time.

Totale Nite Tracklisting:
1. Who Are You?
2. Anxiety's Door
3. I'll Be Gone
4. Totale Nite
5. Winter's Dream


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