Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Vampire Weekend are a band that every year I am begging for a new album, and then the year passes and still nothing but rumors.  Well lets just start up those rumors again for 2013 and hope for the best.  The band did play a new song on Halloween for Jimmy Kimmel Live called 'Unbelievers', and it is a fantastic tune and if we have to wait another year to hear an entire album at this caliber it would be well worth it.

Following up on a story from Q Magazine the band comfirm that the 3 year wait is over for new material and they will release a "darker" and a more "organic" sound.  They also stated the reason for the big gap in between albums was that the material just wasn't there yet:

“If someone had put a gun to our heads a year ago we could have handed something in and it wouldn’t have sucked,” frontman Ezra Koenig told the magazine. “But if we listen back to our own work and it doesn’t sound the way we wanted, the depression that sets in is really extreme.”

Koenig also goes on to state that "Something new comes out and there's a frenzy and then you see how quickly it can all disappear.  You can have a year or two based on being of the moment but beyond that you're only as good as your songs.  There's a trade-off between quality control and frequency of releases.  Three years feels like a good middle-ground. If it as four years I'd start to rethink our attention to detail".

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