Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Album Preview: Phoenix - "Bankrupt!"

Phoenix's follow up to the acclaimed spectacle of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix finds a place on a lot of "Most Anticipated Albums of 2013" lists pined over by music critics. Details have been leaking since December, but here is the full rundown of what we know, including North American tour dates:

Title: Bankrupt!

Release Date: April 23 (US), April 22 (UK) via Loyaute/Glassnote

Production Notes: Produced by Phoenix and Phillipe Zdar (of Cassius); The band reportedly bought the recording console that Michael Jackson recorded Thriller with.

2 The Real Thing
3 SOS in Bel Air
4 Trying to Be Cool
5 Bankrupt!
6 Drakkar Noir
7 Chloroform
8 Don't
9 Bourgeois
10 Oblique City

Check out the band's North American tour dates here; check back to FPT frequently, we'll be announcing further details as we get them!

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