Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Caveman Release New Album "CAVEMAN"

The five piece from New York City, known as Caveman, released their debut album CoCo Beware in 2011, which was filled with horizon-wide rock songs both intimate and expansive.

Now back with the followup album of the same name, CAVEMAN, the five piece provide a much more expansive and adventurous sound. The new single, "In the City" is said to "boast synth lines that sound simultaneously retro and futurist" while other songs such as "Pricey" which, "overflow with guitar sounds that could have miraculously floated off an old Cure album." While Caveman retains their dreamy-shoegaze sound, they also hold a certain depth to their music, especially once the lyrics are woven in.

The album started in New Hampshire at guitarist James Carbonetti's grandmothers attic decorated with christmas lights, where the guys allegedly sat in a room together as one after the other would go into the bathroom and record all sorts of weird noises. Comfortable enough with one another to attempt these experiments, the guys regrouped in brooklyn to record CAVEMAN. For an album that was dreamt up in an attic, accompanied by the strange sound of their own voices, the album seems promising with the release of the the first single, "In the City," which can be heard below.

CAVEMAN (Out April 2nd via Fat Possum)
1. Strange to Suffer
2. In the City
3. Shut You Down
4. Where's the Time
5. Chances
6. Over My Head
7. Ankles
8. Pricey
9. I See You
10. I Never Want to Know
11. The Big Push

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