Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Little Ones - "The Dawn Sang Along"

The Southern California Indie Pop outfit The Little Ones have returned with their followup to 2008's Morning Tide. With the "DIY," spirit the guys recorded The Dawn Sang Along in between day jobs with legend Dave Newton (the Mighty Lemondrops). Edward Reyes (vocals,guitar) states "We're not hired guns; we're all friends and thats keeps us dynamic. We're always having fun!"

That fun pop sound we are used to hearing from the Little Ones, is distinctly apparent on the new record. The Dawn Sang Along has been described as "sun-cripsed energy, a warm blast of rock songs that lean toward 1960's international pop." The Little Ones have always had the ability to create the "forget about the world," unconsciously tap your foot to the rhythm sort of pop song and from what we hear on the albums first single, "Argonauts" the album won't fail to deliver. Enjoy the video below.

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