Monday, March 18, 2013

FPT x SXSW 2013 - Day Two: CWK, Lord Huron, Skaters, & Sky Ferreira

My first day at SXSW will technically be the second day of the fest, as I've spent the last 16 hours in a diesel-fueled VW Jetta w 3 friends. We don't hate each other yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna hop right on my bike and head downtown upon arrival.

Note: I updated this as a sort of a live feed on Wednesday, from my iPhone (so I apologize for typos and capitalization errors). For now, I'll stick w a timeline format.

1:45 pm: Arrive in to Austin, dump luggage at place of residence; shower is necessary after 19 hours in car.

Lord Huron @ Filter Rainey Street Party
3:45 pm: Arrive downtown Austin, grab Fader Fort wristbands w friends (and help a stranger out w my +1; shout out to Parker) then head to pick up my credentials then Cold War Kids at Old School Bar by 4.

6:10 pm: Filter at Rainey Street is PACKED for Lord Huron. Finishing this Lone Star and getting the hell out of here.

6:38 pm: scratch that. we stayed for the remainder of his set. Lord Huron was just too good. Heard "Time to Run" - my favorite track off the album, so my day was on a gradual upswing already.

Next we headed to recharge our phones at a local bar called The Library, then headed to The Belmont for Skaters. The NYC-based punk band sounded great..  reminiscent of the days when the The Strokes focused on being loud.

We somehow ended upstairs at the Belmont, where the members of Skaters were hanging out and "open bar" were two words we loved to hear, as do most people during the SXSW festival.

12 am: After Skaters we left to check out Sky Ferreira, one of the songstresses who has recently stolen my heart. This was the first time when waiting in line actually became a nuisance, but we were all excited enough not to care. But her performance was marred by a shaky voice from a young girl who seemed overwhelmed by the chaos that is SXSW. Her voice faded in and out during the first two songs, then during her hit, "Everything is Embarrassing" she basically quit, making it only a line into the song before apologizing and walking off stage. I was disappointed, sure, but in retrospect, concern must be shown for a talented young artist who must be careful to not get in too far over her head. Check out a rough cell phone video over at YouTube, shot by friend, Megan Roewer.

This was not the last time we would witness or hear about artist meltdowns or rants, which became a theme as the weekend went along.

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