Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Premiere: The N'ere Dowells - I Won't

The N'ere Dowells have that familiar New York sound, a sound that in the rock music world means an awful lot.  My very first 'Play It Forward' post was about these guys as I took a liking early on. Some times in the world of music blogs you get an over load of bands that are all being hyped at the same time and the time isn't taken to find that new band that has something new and different to offer. The N'ere Dowells are just that band, all they need is for you to listen to their music and judge for yourself.

I am excited to see the band evolve and for them to be on the heels of releasing their full length debut album Are You Still Down, which is a pretty big stepping stone.  Their first single 'I Won't' is taken from their upcoming debut album, and it is a huge step in the right direction for the band. In a music world full of 3 minute quick and easy tracks, The N'ere Dowells have delighted us with this 6 minute rocker that does not disappoint.

From the smooth guitar riffs, to the synced in drums pounding, added with the New Yorkish vocals 'I Won't' fully comes to life in a big way.  Be sure to drop over to their bandcamp site and pick up the track as it is available at a modest "name your price"

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