Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Watch: Everything Everything - Don't Try

'Don't Try' is taken from Everything Everything's new album, Arc. Arc is the bands second album and has been getting plenty of praise overseas and rightfully so with its ambitious sound.

In an interesting interview with the Irish Times discussing the bands sound and vision, drummer Michael Spearman said
"It sounds quite cheesy, but stuff like Destiny’s Child has proven just as important as The Beatles and Radiohead. I suppose that love of R'n'B comes through in a way. We don't normally say 'we want this song to sound like this or that', we try to be as organic as possible. It's like with The Beatles – they were trying to play the black music of the day, and by doing so, they sort of changed it, it became a different thing. We thought about... trying to get Timbaland in, or something. But we decided against it, because it's a fine line between filtering that music, or just trying to ape it by going to the source of it... We all love Michael Jackson and stuff like that; dance music in general, or just that sort of syncopated music. That's something that connects all of us."

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