Thursday, August 22, 2013

Local Music Happy Hour: Kane Place Record Club

Here at Fake Plastic Tunes, we have a couple of favorite things: talking about music, and day drinking. Thus, in an effort to combine these things, we give you the second installment of our semi-regular segment, Local Music Happy Hour, where we talk to some local (primarily Milwaukee) bands, drink beer, and then introduce them to you, the internet.

For this edition of Local Music Happy Hour, FPT was lucky enough to sit down with 5/6 of the strapping young men of Milwaukee band Kane Place Record Club over Bloody Mary's to discuss their upcoming self-titled album, performing live, and who has the most expensive shirt (stay tuned for reveal!).

The six-piece outfit has existed for roughly two years, with its current lineup for about one. The band brings together high school friends Jon Scott (vocals/keys) and Francis Sullivan (guitar) with Eris Campbell (bass), Nick Tovarek (guitar), Chad Alsteen (violin/saxophone), and Maurice Liddell (drums). Sullivan simplified the bands creation as, "Two homies walked into a bar, and picked up four other homies...and they had a slumber party." FPT was unable to confirm this particular origin story, but will publish any quotes mentioning slumber parties exclusively on principle. 

Prior to listening to their album, it wouldn't be difficult to dismiss Korn Palace Rickshaw Company Kane Place Record Club as just a fun live band. This is far from a negative trait; the band's live performances are easily some of the most enigmatic and high-energy around. With the release of their first album, however, Korn KPRC has successfully solidified themselves musically, in addition to their live presence. Their self-titled release brings together a huge variety of influences and contributions from individual band members--from soul and pop to electronic and hip hop--in an extremely enjoyable, cohesive manner, an accomplishment for any band. 

That being said, those already familiar with Kane Place Record Club's live performances will be able to hear both new tracks as well as more polished studio versions of songs they are already familiar with from seeing the band live. You can listen to or purchase the album here via the band's bandcamp page, and/or attend the album release show on August 31 at Linnemann's and receive a copy of the vinyl.

As promised, the reveal of the owner of the most expensive shirt: frontman Jon Scott.

Catch Kane Place Record Club in Milwaukee:
August 24th - Milwaukee Carnival - Horny Goat Hideaway
August 30th - UWM Band Shell
August 31st - Album Release Show - Linnemann's Riverwest Inn
September 12th - Underwear Bike Ride After Party

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