Thursday, September 26, 2013

Atoms For Peace Performs on "The Daily Show"

Thom Yorke and Flea showed up on last night's "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. After a brief interview, Atoms for Peace went on to perform "Default" off their 2013 album, Amok- as well as "Harrowdown Hill" off Thom Yorke's 2006 solo record, The Eraser. You can watch it all below.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Listen: Phantogram releases new single - "Black Out Days."

Besides random appearances (such as appearing on the new Flaming Lips album "The Terror") the last time we caught original material from Phantogram was the highly successful release of "Nightlife:EP" in November of 2011. Hopefully this new track is a precursor to a new album in the works. "Black Out Days" is a reminder to all the reasons we know and love Phantogram so. The vocals are chillingly beautiful, the electronics are dark, yet still make you want to move your feet. The production on this song is tight and methodical and shows creative elements of emotional and musical growth. Check it out on the SoundCloud widget below. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cody Chesnutt: Live Review (Salt Lake City)

Cody Chesnutt Performs at The State Room, in Salt Lake City
Cody Chesnutt's return clearly proves his decade-long hiatus from recording (largely performance as well) was a period of musical and personal growth. In 2002 Chesnutt released his first full length EP "The Headphone Masterpiece," a true work of art crafted in his bedroom on a 4-track cassette recorder. Shortly after, Cody had a brush with stardom when The Roots remade one of his songs into "The Seed (2.0)," (featuring him on guitar and vocals) which has aired heavily on mainstream channels to this day. Cody spent the majority of his time since focusing on his family and, apparently, building up a surplus of creative power.

A venue with unsurpassed charm
There is certainly not a lack of musical talent amidst the airwaves these days. However, it is seldom that one comes across an artist with the raw, innate soul like that of Cody Chesnutt. Every fiber of his being drips with a musical prowess reminiscent of icons like Mayfield, Rawls and Junior Marvin. Born in 1968, Cody is not new to the scene. However, after a long history of being too oft overlooked, he never became the household name his musicianship has long deserved.

Chesnutt is touring on his second full-length album "Landing on a Hundred," which was released in 2012 after being recorded at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis. His new material is raw, sincere and beautiful. His subject matter has matured, and "Landing on a Hundred" speaks of struggles with everything from honesty to crack addiction.

Last night at The State Room in Salt Lake City, Chesnutt was getting over a cold and not once did the sanctity of the music suffer. "Sorry for the vocal chords, it's a human thing I hope you understand," he sang in his encore before exiting the stage. From the moment he walked onto the stage, the energy was palpable. Each song, a truly visceral experience. Chesnutt engaged from start to finish, spending much time singing from within the audience. At one point he was serenading an enthusiastic fan while she tap-danced the rhythm to his soul fueled melody. Backing him all night was an impressive four-piece band made up of true southern rock n' soul veterans.

The energy never ceases
On tour with Cody Chesnutt is the young and impressively talented Jarell Perry. Preceding Cody's set, Perry set the atmosphere with a diverse repertoire of rhythm and blues. On his first tour, and spending his first bit of time in Salt Lake City, he genuinely enjoyed himself from start to finish. I underestimated his vocal control and range. He brought true talent to the onset of the show, and was a pleasure to witness. Sitting on the side of the stage, slowing things down he shared some never before performed songs that instilled in me hope for the genre. I'm rarely as impressed with opening acts, and was delightfully surprised.

If you're not familiar with Cody Chesnutt, do yourself a favor and follow some of the links below. I assure you, any fan of music will appreciate that which he has created. In talking to him after the show, I realized his passion truly is relentless. As he greeted fans, everything signed was kissed by him and he was sure to try and remember everyones name. These are things that may seem inconsequential, yet are testaments to the beauty of Cody Chesnutt's true character.

Please check out more photos from my Flickr set here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Local Music Happy Hour: The Fatty Acids

Here at Fake Plastic Tunes, we have a couple of favorite things: talking about music, and day drinking. Thus, in an effort to combine these things, we give you this installment of our semi-regular segment, Local Music Happy Hour, where we talk to some local (primarily Milwaukee) bands, drink beer, and then introduce them to you, the internet.

This round of Happy Hour, we met up with the Fatty Acids before their music video premiere to talk about their new album, upcoming show at the Pabst Theater, and the severity of the blood and mucus agreement. [Spoiler: We all agree it is potentially the heaviest of agreements.] The guys drank beer, FPT drank tequila, all were merry.

The Riverwest neighborhood-based Fatty Acids are a staple in the Milwaukee music scene, and they remind us why with the release of their third album, BolĂ©ro. The album brings together the energy and electronic scramble of the band's scramble-pop style with the development and maturity in the arrangements. The band worked on the album for around two years, and you can tell in the final product, which you can listen to here

Recently back in town from a short tour, the band is playing the historic Pabst Theater in Downtown Milwaukee tonight (9/6), a big venue and a bigger accomplishment. Opening for the Fatty Acids are friends of the band Faux Fir and Sat. Night Duets. Singer Josh Evert explained the weight of getting to play the Pabst with the guys from Sat. Night Duets: "We basically made a blood and mucus pact at the time, just kind of mixed it all together, and said, 'We're gonna do this at the Pabst Theater or we're gonna, ya know...'" The statement was never finished, so here at FPT we are assuming it's some sort of suicide pact, without reading into it too much.

Tonight's Pabst show is intended to be a spectacle of epic proportions, with a ton of visuals. "There will be a lot of distractions for in case we fuck up." The Fatty Acids are a group of men prepared.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Listen: Cults Share Brand New Single - "High Road"

Indie pop darlings Cults have been releasing tidbits about their new album for a couple weeks now, but we finally have their first single off the record. Entitled "High Road" the song picks up right where the duo left off on their self-titled debut.

The new album, Static, will be released on October 15 via Columbia Records, and based off of the latest single, shows a high ceiling of musical promise.