Friday, September 6, 2013

Local Music Happy Hour: The Fatty Acids

Here at Fake Plastic Tunes, we have a couple of favorite things: talking about music, and day drinking. Thus, in an effort to combine these things, we give you this installment of our semi-regular segment, Local Music Happy Hour, where we talk to some local (primarily Milwaukee) bands, drink beer, and then introduce them to you, the internet.

This round of Happy Hour, we met up with the Fatty Acids before their music video premiere to talk about their new album, upcoming show at the Pabst Theater, and the severity of the blood and mucus agreement. [Spoiler: We all agree it is potentially the heaviest of agreements.] The guys drank beer, FPT drank tequila, all were merry.

The Riverwest neighborhood-based Fatty Acids are a staple in the Milwaukee music scene, and they remind us why with the release of their third album, BolĂ©ro. The album brings together the energy and electronic scramble of the band's scramble-pop style with the development and maturity in the arrangements. The band worked on the album for around two years, and you can tell in the final product, which you can listen to here

Recently back in town from a short tour, the band is playing the historic Pabst Theater in Downtown Milwaukee tonight (9/6), a big venue and a bigger accomplishment. Opening for the Fatty Acids are friends of the band Faux Fir and Sat. Night Duets. Singer Josh Evert explained the weight of getting to play the Pabst with the guys from Sat. Night Duets: "We basically made a blood and mucus pact at the time, just kind of mixed it all together, and said, 'We're gonna do this at the Pabst Theater or we're gonna, ya know...'" The statement was never finished, so here at FPT we are assuming it's some sort of suicide pact, without reading into it too much.

Tonight's Pabst show is intended to be a spectacle of epic proportions, with a ton of visuals. "There will be a lot of distractions for in case we fuck up." The Fatty Acids are a group of men prepared.

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