Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Festival Preview: Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 - Saturday, July 19

If you thought Friday was stacked, then you clearly weren't paying attention to the schedule, because Saturday's Pitchfork Fest lineup gets even better. Check out the preview below of sets we won't be skipping, and you can listen to the Spotify Playlist below.

Hopefully none of the bands listed below will disband via chicken-scratch-on-napkin after this post.

Saturday, July 19

Twin Peaks (1:00pm @ Green Stage)

Another one of my sleeper picks for this year. Total surf-punk, reminiscent of Surfer Blood, Wavves, or Mikal Cronin/Ty Segall, these Chicago natives will look to impress everyone they can as they open Saturday's Pitchfork lineup. Their debut LP, Wild Onion, will be out on August 5 of this year, and this will be our first glimpse at one of the albums that may sneak into many year-end lists. Check out their lead single, "Flavor" below.

Cloud Nothings (3:20pm @ Red Stage)
Speaking of year-end lists, Cloud Nothings released Here and Nowhere Else earlier this year, and you'll be hearing a lot about this group come December. Their album strikes chords of early-90s punk, with that fun-loving vibe you can draw from listening to a Japandroids album.

After seeing them open for Kurt Vile at SXSW this year, I came away thinking this would be one of 2014's best groups, and I'm not going to turn down any chance I come across to see them live.

Here's their track, "I'm Not Part of Me" - my favorite track from their latest album.

Pusha T (4:15pm @ Green Stage)
One of my favorite hip-hop acts of all time was Clipse, who, along with N.E.R.D. changed my view of the genre for the rest of my life. Lord Willin' was one of the first rap albums I bought, so you bet your ass I'm excited for Pusha T's set at Pitchfork, one of my most anticipated all weekend.

I'm equally excited to hear tracks like "Nosetalgia" and "Numbers on the Board" from last year's highly-applauded My Name is My Name. King Push also finds his way into many of my favorite Kanye West tracks, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear him drop some of those verses as well. Not to mention his trademark "yuuckkk" - which I've spent countless hours mastering.

Apparently while opening for 2 Chainz here in Milwaukee, Pusha flashbacked to some of his Clipse tracks, but most of the crowd - composed of mainly under-20-white-kids weren't as excited as he expected, much to his disappointment. Pusha T will not leave Chicago disappointed if he provides us as solid of a set as I know he's capable of... I'll make sure of it.

tUnE-yArDs (5:15pm @ Red Stage)
One of the enigmatic voices of indie music today, Merrill Garbus aka tUnE-yArDs has quite the reputation for delivering a wildly entertaining live show. I don't know much about her, as I've never bought in to the hype, but what better time for her to make a sales pitch to me?

Danny Brown (6:15pm @ Green Stage)
If there's one thing PMF isn't lacking on this year it's quality hip-hop acts.

Danny Brown made some headlines with his onstage antics, and will make his return to Pitchfork Fest this year, after a jam-packed Blue Stage appearance in 2012. The scrawny, high-pitched-flow, "Grown Up" almost sounds like a Dave Chappelle-inspired meme, but everyone I've heard from swears his live show is good if not great. Add this to the list of can't-miss rap acts at Pitchfork this year.

Check out his video for the throwback-inspired track, "Grown Up" below.

St. Vincent (7:25pm @ Red Stage)
The beautiful, graceful, and ever-so-talented Annie Clark is destined to win some new fans over. It's a shock to me that everyone on planet earth isn't as in love with her as I am, but 2014 is proving to be her year. After a fantastic collaboration with David Byrne, in which she refused to be put in to the Talking Heads's frontman's shadow, Clark released Rattlesnake this year. The album is a bit more electric than what fans may have expected from the sound her previous albums Strange Mercy and Actor would elude to, but it really helps her in a live setting.

After seeing her perform at Milwaukee's Turner Hall Ballroom earlier this year, this is a live show I'm insisting everyone I know to attend. Clark absolutely tears up on guitar, all while dancing a choreographed routine around an incredibly elaborate stage setup. Her banter may be odd, but her beauty, refinement, and talent level will blow any onlooker away.

Neutral Milk Hotel (8:30pm @ Green Stage)

Last year's Saturday Pitchfork lineup provided me a chance to see one of the bands who had the most influence on my tastes growing up, Belle & Sebastian. This year is no different, and in fact, without Saturday's headliner Neutral Milk Hotel, I'd likely never have gotten into B&S.

Jeff Mangum will likely not allow photos, and I wouldn't be surprised if he banished press altogether. But I'll keep my head down, keep to myself, dance and sway to "Aeroplane O'er The Sea" and smile like a teenage boy first listening to Neutral Milk Hotel.

Also Performing on Saturday: FKA Twigs (7:45pm @ Blue Stage); The Field (6:45 @ Blue Stage); Kelela (5:45pm @ Blue Stage); The Range (4:45pm @ Blue Stage); Mas Ysa (3:45pm @ Blue Stage); Empress Of (2:50pm @ Blue Stage); Wild Beasts (2:30 @ Green Stage); Circulatory System (1:55pm @ Blue Stage); Ka (1:45pm @ Red Stage)

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