Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Preview: ODESZA & Bonobo (Live) - Turner Hall - July 9, 2014

It's not often that I promote electronic music, so when I do, I hope it means something.

In my opinion, there's a sort of grade scale when it comes to live electronic music. I've done my best to portray that below:

F= Guy (or girl) stands on stage, hits an iPad app or computer buttons, stands relatively still
D= Guy (or girl) stands on stage, hits button on computer, jumps up and down, goes batshit on stage
C= Guy (or girl) hits button on computer, plays a hit song you like, "remixes" by playing guitars over it
B= Band comes out on stage, plays original music and tinkers with it to create an original, unique mix of a song you may have heard from them before.
A= Band comes out on stage, interprets song that was created on a computer, creates a unique mix of a song you may have heard from them before, but instead uses live drums, guitars, keys, etc.

I've seen the full grading scale, and the best shows are always somewhere between the A-B range, obviously. Artists like James Blake, Classixx, and Toro Y Moi all come to mind as some at the top of their game.

This Wednesday, July 9, Milwaukee will be host to another potential A+ electronic music showcase, as Bonobo brings a full live band with him to Turner Hall Ballroom (Tickets and Info available here). Judging by the tour video shown below, it looks like the band is pretty extensive, featuring nearly a half dozen people on stage with him, and... is that a violinist?

I wouldn't be doing my job correctly if I didn't sell you on the opening act, and luckily this time, it's not a hard sell. ODESZA, a duo from Seattle, Washington, have been putting out mixes and original music for just a couple of years as a group, but much longer as individual producers.

The duo have quickly rose from a bedroom production duo to one that can sell out some of the biggest clubs in the US (including recently The Echoplex in LA and The Independent in SF). Milwaukee will be lucky enough to catch them as an opener for Bonobo this week, before they head out on a headlining tour in September.

If you like them enough, you'll be able to catch ODESZA at The Majestic Theater in Madison, when they swing through on their headlining tour, October 11. The best part about the duo? You can acquaint yourselves with their stuff before seeing them live - head over to ODESZA's website and you can download their latest EPs for free. In the meantime, stream their My Friends Never Die EP below.

Once again, tickets are available here. Don't miss out.

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