Monday, January 19, 2015

Tune Of The Day: The Subways - Taking All The Blame

The Subways are set to release their 4th studio album on February 9th, but in the meantime they have just released their new single "Taking All The Blame" which comes with a shiny new original video. Lead Singer Billy Lunn has this take on "Taking All The Blame"...
"I’d been playing around with the chorus riff for a while, but I just couldn’t find the right lyrics to match. I then somehow started writing an apology to Charlotte for how I’d behaved when we were breaking up. I was young; we were both really young. At the time of writing I felt like I'd been a bit of an arsehole to everyone. Eventually I came up with an idea: Charlotte and I could talk about our relationship and our eventual breakup from dual perspectives. I recorded my verse and sent it over to Charlotte, without telling her what it was about, but I think she knew…she sent me back her verse lyrics and we recorded them for real the next day. I’m really pleased and proud of what we both came up with, and how honest we can be with each other."
The song has a much needed emotional recharge from the bands last effort 'Money and Celebrity' and given Lunn's sincere statement above, "Taking All The Blame" has a real life feel to it and it shows in the lyrics and the banter in both Billy's and Charlotte's vocals throughout the song.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tune Of The Day: Hinds (fka Deers) - Bamboo

Newcomers "Hinds" were forced to change their band name after their original name Deers was too close for comfort for Canadian band The Dears. The fourpiece girl band are gaining some nice traction in the up and coming music acts in 2015. They are a band to keep an eye on and hail from Madrid and offer a sound that resembles something that we might have heard from HAIM in the past but with a lot more goofiness.

This particular track "Bamboo" is a straight up fun and catchy track that will leave you wanting to hear more from the band.