Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nick Diamonds @ Kilby Court in SLC 9/30/2015

Kilby Court hosted former Unicorns and Islands frontman Nick Thorburn on 9/30/15. Thorburn has adopted the name of Nick Diamonds as he tours for his second full-length album as a solo artist. Diamonds makes heavy use of drum machines to create the synth-pop sound that dominates his latest effort, City of Quartz.

The especially low lighting of the show mirrored the mood of most tracks on the new album, albeit with flashes of more upbeat (Unicorn-esque) cuts punctuated with more color and lights where necessary. He brought a rich, layered sound to the show, something that was a little unexpected given the two-man set up. It wasn't pared down much, and it came off well.

While the crowd was small, it reflected a dedicated following to all that Thorburn has produced over the years with other collaborators, including his creations as Nick Diamonds. 

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